Fillpic – Share something fun


PIC is similar to chatting application, in addition, you can post photos and movie clips with a text.
Fillpic is from the meaning PIC is filled.
You can share the PIC with various contents. The feature is contents can be made on real time.
For example, when you make contents like cooking, you can record like a diary during cooking and share the recipe with people.
Making your own PIC with various photos and movie clips.


PICs are gathered in channel.
Anyone can make PIC easily, take part in a popular channel.
The PIC resisted in a channel is selected in popular PIC or determined the ranking according to the number of LIKE.
Interested channel is published on my feed using favorie function.

My feed

Publishing the PICs of followers or favorite channels.


Showing popular channels.


Notification the state of PIC and channel.


Information for my PIC, followings, followers.