If you choose to use FillPIC logo, it is considered that you agree with Term of Use, all principles of service, and related handling policies. For more details, please refer to FillPIC Brand Guidelines. FillPIC owns the rights to cancel, adjust or modify the approval for this policy at any time in its sole discretion.

FillPIC Logos
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*FillPIC logo must be used for the purpose of introducing FillPIC products, and cannot be used for any other purpose. For in case of using FillPIC logo in any media including the magazine, please contact us before use.

*Change or distortion of FillPIC logo is prohibited. Original logo shall be used shall be used in anyway unchanged, and should use specified in the downloaded file. Please refer to the following guidelines;

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FillPIC Brand Guidelines

The following guidelines apply for the case of using the logo without prior authorization for providing products or services developed using the ‘FillPIC’.

1. You may use the logo in the descriptive text solely to describe the characteristics of the goods or services developed using the FillPIC services.
2. If you wish to use the FillPIC logo, superscript ®  must be put on the Fillpic Logo.
3. You must not modify or transform the FillPIC logo, or must not combine or associate with other logos.
4. You must not use FillPIC logo for trade name, service name, company name, logo, symbol, including application’s name and icon developed by using FillPIC service. (ex. Use of “Camera for Fillpic ”or “Fillpic camera”)
5. You should not use the phrase that may lead the users misunderstood or confusion as the application is provided contract or partnership with FillPIC for Internal market, web page or other advertisement of the application (ex. This application is developed by technological partnership with FillPIC)
6. For the inside of the application, market, page, and advertisements of application, FillPIC logo should not be used in such examples below, which are likely to impair the distinctiveness or reputation of FillPIC logo.
• To use FillPIC logo like a noun used
• To  display FillPIC logo on the goods or services providing adult contents
• To display FillPIC logo on the goods or services related to gambling
• To display FillPIC logo on the goods or services which may affect FillPIC’s reputation, or defame, infringe,slander, damage of other people’s honor
• To display FillPIC logo on the goods and services that violate relevant law

7. In the event you defame reputation of FillPIC or reputation of the goods or services of FillPIC directly or by third-party , or affect on the business rights of FillPIC, despite of this guide, you or third-party may use any logo of FillPIC.