Community Guidelines


1. Post your own photos or videos only 
2. Please refrain from the contents that have excessive exposures
3. Please consideration
4. Do not send spam mail to other members
5. Please enjoy

Fillpic created specified community guideline below to help you understand the best practices as a member of Fillpic. In addition, if you use Fillpic it is subject to the Terms of Service.

The Things to do;

  • Share the photos that you have taken.
  • Fillpic is a great app that lets you share your life through your photos, however, photos that may show others lives cannot be shared without the consent of the person. Users have the rights to all the photos you have uploaded using the service of Fillpic, therefore, please respect their copyrights. if you want to express your feeling for the beautiful photos or videos , display “ Like’ on the post is the best way.
  • Share the photos or videos appropriate to all ages.
  • Please be reminded that there are different people in the Fillpic community, and your post is also shared to the young users under 14 years old. Fillpic respects the artistry of the photos and videos, however, Fillpic and the contents published in it must comply with the provisions related to App store’s nudity and adult contents ratings (relevant laws and regulations of the country). In other words, please do not post any kind of nude or adult picture.
  • Please treat others in the manner that you want to be treated.
  • People around the world with diverse background share their precious moments in Fillpic. While it is exciting, it also means that everyone cannot agree on your thoughts and beliefs.We’d like ask you to consider others and have courtesy when to communicate with other users.
  • Please do meaningful and true activities in the community.
  • No matter what kind of or what format it is taken, self-promotion or commercial requests hard to be welcomed.If you post same comments on elsewhere, or if you follow large number of users on the purpose of increase your followers, most of users would notice it, therefore, please do heartfelt activities in Fillpic.
  • Please use Fillpic service pleasantly.
  • Fillpic is the best App that enables you to share with others quickly as you post beautiful photos of life with various descriptions, and to see the world through the eyes of other people.

The things you must not to do :

Please note that If you go beyond the boundaries of descriptions below, your account can be disabled  or access to Fillpic can be suspended without prior warning.  In addition, Fillpic does not take any responsibility against all liability arising because you go beyond the boundaries of the descriptions below.

  • Do not share the photos or videos that you do not own.
  • Post of other users, the post you have copied, or the post coming from the internet; theseare included in 1. The account consisting of only said above posts may be deactivated at any time.
  • Please do not share any nude photos or videos, and adult photos or videos. ( Pornographic)
  • For the photos or videos you want to upload, If you think you cannot show them to the children, your boss, or your parents, then do not share those photos or videos on Fillpic.
  • It is applies to your profile photo the same. The account indicated sharing nude photo or adult contents will be deactivated, access to Fillpic will be blocked. We know that users take photos and share of their kids through Fillpic, however, please also note that the image contains nudity or part of nudity of your child will be removed for the safety. This is because the image can be shared by other users and be misused in unexpected inappropriate ways even though you uploaded the image with good intentions, for further information.
  • Do not share any photo or video containing illegal contents.
  • If your account is reported due to prohibited or illegal contents such as the photos containing extreme violence and bloodshed, your account will be deactivated and appropriate actions such as reporting to corresponding authority will be taken. Your photos and videos are restricted items or services selling or promotion such as firearms, alcohol, tobacco, prescribed drugs, or adult products , you must comply with relevant laws and it is also recommended to encourage others to comply with regulations.
  • Do not send spam email to other users.
  • Fillpic is the space members share beautiful moments of their lives, so if you promote yourself in some way, corresponding scene may give discomfort to other users of Fillpic. This provision of guideline includes service manipulation for self-promotion and commercial spam comments such as discount code or website URL , as well as repeated comments. We would like to ask you to do meaningful and heartfelt activities in Fillpic.
  • Do not show discourtesy.
  • Fillpic is an intimate space everyone can share his/ her life through photos or videos safely and comfortably. This space is not suitable for malicious use of other person, attacking, harassment or impersonation. In case a legitimate complaint about your behavior, Fillpic will send you alert or disable your account. Also, to prevent the problem gets worse, it is recommended to block the users leaving malicious comments.
  • Do not encourage or glorify self-mutilation.
  • Even though Fillpic is the space that people share their lives through photos or videos, the accounts that induce anorexia, binge eating or other eating disorders, or encourage to harm himself or commit suicide will be disabled without prior warning. For recovery,raisingawareness, supporting together and communicating regard such deeds is important. However, Fillpic is not the space to actively encourage or glorify self-mutilation.

Other things to remember;

  • As Fillpic is the community with diversity, you may see the posts making you uncomfortable. If you felt uncomfortable from the photo or video that does not violate the above guidelines, please leave the page of corresponding account, or use the feature of “block”If you are not so sure about the contents, please let Fillpic team to review it though the feature of “Report” provided in the App.
  • Do not panic If you find that your post is uploaded to other user’s profile, It is more likely there’s misunderstanding or it is a harmless behavior.
  • First of all, the best way is to request to remove corresponding contents nicely by leaving a comment. In case it doesn’t work, please submit DMCA report so that Fillpic team can investigate.
  • To draw attention to such situation or corresponding user, you may want to post the screen shot of the account that you felt uncomfortable on your photo stream. But in many cases, it is not a proper way to resolve the problem. This is not recommended because bullying the corresponding user can be regarded as harassment, and also it violates the guidelines.
  • If you think there is the direct cause of the problem, please submit a report to Fillpic team. For prompt response for the problem that requires immediate investigation, Description of the image or the video, date, URL, or valid user name.

If you think it is difficult to comply with these guidelines, Fillpic may not be the appropriate place so we recommend that you to find another photo sharing service. Fillpic sets importance on guidelines, and believes Fillpic can be a safe and fun place for everyone when the guidelines are observed.

For more information, please check Support and Terms of Service.